about us

We are two experienced Sales Managers with over 32 years combined experience of selling for multiple prestige brands. During that time we have met and interviewed hundreds of applicants. We pride ourselves on great qualification skills, and promote successful and loyal staff as we believe staff retention is a great vital sign of a thriving business. We know what ‘great’ looks like for every role within your motor trade business, from Apprentice through to Head of Business.

Ivan Bell

I am a loyal, calm, patient hardworking dad. I have a love for the great outdoors, mountain biking, kayaking, camping…the list goes on! I have a soft spot for almost any retro or classic car and I change my current gaggle of misfits more often than I’d like to admit! I’ve done a number of jobs from a farm labourer to BMW Head of Retail Sales. Each role has taught me something invaluable and unique.

Laurence Jones

I joined the automotive industry in 2003 and have worked exclusively in the premium automotive sector in service, sales, finance and sales management and even spent 2 years selling BMWs in Brisbane Australia. Why did I leave the warm Aussie climate? Well, I missed family and home. I love to embrace something new, roll my sleeves up and get involved. I don’t take myself too seriously and I like to make the day fun and get things done.