Interim Cover

Interim Cover

We believe that our offer of interim or short term showroom cover sits perfectly within the Time Zero ethos. We aim to support, help and grow automotive businesses in Britain.
We have years of direct experience within these roles, so we can confidently offer professionally qualified, experienced Business Managers and Sales Managers when you need them the most.This might be to fill a vacancy you currently have but also it is there for those peak business weeks, sickness, holiday and statutory leave. 

We understand the cost of having an empty seat in your business. Sales Managers and Business Managers bring so much more to the business than just income.
This cover also allows you to assess the feasibility in the business for the role or an additional full time position.
Now you don’t need to feel that pain, we can step in at short notice and make an immediate impact

Business Managers

This is a pivotal role within the day to day running of a sales department. Their skill, manner, compliance and expertise can enhance your performance when you need it the most.
Your finance and insurance performance doesn’t have to take a holiday when your Business Manager does.

Our Business Manager cover includes:

  •  Experience: they are used to working in busy, hectic showroom environments, with a proven track record.
  • Manufacturer qualified Business Managers.
  • Professionally qualified: FCA and SAF approved to ensure compliance every step of the way.
  • Flexible: it is vital for the cover to suit your business. We discuss your specific requirements prior to starting so that on day one we are just focused on supporting your business.
  • Skilled: used to using multiple finance platforms.
  • Able to operate TCF Compliant system.
  • Able to structure Finance retention plans insuring a process is in place for success beyond the our cover.

Reporting: able to report daily on our performance and key KPI’s.

Sales Manager Cover

This role incorporates a wide range of skills and we know that no two Sales Managers are the same. We appreciate the role requires different skills and attributes for different businesses.
We know that a sales department cannot run efficiently day to day without a hands on experienced individual driving performance through skill, processes and personality.

  • Our Sales Manager cover includes:  Fully manufacturer accredited Sales Managers.  Experience: we have years of experience in all aspects of the daily running of an automotive sales department. We know what great looks like.  Compliance: up to date FCA and SAF qualifications.
  • Flexible: able to adapt quickly to any retailer environment. 
  • Transparency: a trusted pair of hands with your part exchanges. Fully guaranteed prices.
  • Visibility in the showroom: our Sales Managers pride themselves in being hands on and ready to be involved throughout the selling process.
  • All of our Managers know this isn’t the 9-5, the Automotive Industry demands a lot from its employees and we’re ready to work. We will fit into your normal rotas and work patterns.

Why stress and strain your department further and try and struggle on? The cost of the cover pays for itself. We are a trusted pair of hands and have the best interests of your business at the heart of what we do.

Ivan has many years successful management experience inside a busy retailer.  He has proven to be diligent, trustworthy and conscientious person, deploying a wide range of pragmatic management skills.

I am confident to recommend him to provide appropriate interim cover for management positions, and I am sure he will bring a unique approach to recruitment, search and selection.

Sean Kelly

Managing Director, Vines Group

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